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    MMK Insurance Name Change

    We are no longer called MMK Funeral Insurance, we are now called MMK Administrators. We are still the same old MMK but with a new name, better services and better ratings. After over 10 Years of Service and Growth, we are proud to say we have reached new heights and we owe it all to our Customers for their unfading support that goes beyond reasons.

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    Affordable Family Plans

    With family plans from as little as R25,00 MMK Administrators ensures that there is a cover for everyone, from the list to the most. We take the burden of the unforeseen and unwanted event called death off your shoulders by offering you great value for money Funeral Cover, which will help you with funeral arrangements. "We are right where you are".

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    No Age Limit on Plans

    Why must our elders be discriminated against? At MMK we have Funeral Cover plans for each and every age group because we believe that it is not a crime to grow old. We have Plans that cover everyone, from an infant to grandparents, of all age. Our plans have been designed in such a way that every person gets value for money on each Cover plan.

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    Your Comfort and Peace of Mind

    Your comfort and peace of mind is our Pleasure.. Won't you be at peace if you know that you and your loved onces are insured could anything happen to either? Let us take that burden off your shoulders, let us worry for you. We will arrange everything on your behalf and ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.

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    Outstanding Funeral Service

    Given the number of Hearses and Family Cars we have you can be assured that your loved ones will be laid to rest in a dignified manner and style. We proud ourselves with our collection of latest Vehicle models to insure greater comfort for you and your loved ones. We have over 10 years experience in the Funeral Service industry so we are trustworthy.

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